Teslacigs Poker 218 Review

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Review of Teslacigs Poker 218

      Poker 218 Full Review       

       My first thought when I saw the TeslaCigs Poker 218 was that its just another dual battery mod, just like the rest. After personally using the Poker for the last few days myself I can say there is more to this mod than initially meets the eye.

       The Poker 218 is a Dual 18650 battery box mod that has a wattage range of 7 watts to 218 watts. The device has a visually pleasing digital camouflage ace of hearts grooved in to the face plates. The large screen allows for an easy view of all of the settings and features of the device. It has a few key features that I feel set it apart from other similiar mods on the market. The wattage can be adjusted in increments of .5 watts and comes with an on/off switch to make turning off and storing the device very convenient for people who store their devices in their pockets or bags when on the go.

      The overall design of the Poker 218 makes it sit very comfortably in the hand and its lightweight frame makes it nice for people who don't like heavier mods. This mod has a very nice ramp up time which gives you a much smoother hit and also saves on battery life. I am currently running a Cleito 120 with mesh coils at 65 watts on my Poker and I am able to go a decent 14-16 hours of constant vaping on a single set of batteries.

      The Poker 218 also offers the standard wattage, temperature control and memory modes for the more experienced vapor. Overall I would have to say the Teslacigs Poker 218 is a really good mod for the experienced vapor or anyone looking to take the next step up from a starter level vape device. 


Thank you for reading, 

Michael S.

Redline Vapor


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