Juno Vs Juul

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The Juno Vs Juul as I see it

   Currently the Juul is coming in with around 70% of vaping market. Meaning that the have a strong hold into the market as we know it. There is a lot of theories as to why they were successful, But ultimately it was the ease of use, accessability and low starting price that has landed Juul in the position they are today. 

   But with the partial sell out to big tobacco and the teen vaping epidemic cause an uproar into the vaping communities. Many people have looked into other alternatives. Without knowing much it is easy to find a million other products on the market but lets compare something very similiar without money for Marlboro. 


   Then Juno has been around for almost the same amount of time as the Juul, Starting price actually coming in a little bit cheaper. Well it must be flavors then right? Wrong, the Juno actually has 3 times more flavors available than the Juul running the same price as Juul pods at the local Circle K. With each pod containing almost twice the amount of juice and having stepping stones to help wean you down from the high nic, they have 48, 36, 18mg options available. 

   It has to be ease of use or battery life then right? We would be wrong again, the Juno actually has a battery with twice the power and life of the Juul. And the device works almost exactly the same with a simple snap in pod system. 

   Also unlike the Juul, you do not need a special charger that only fits their device. With the Juno you are actually able to use any Samsung charger and fully charge your device in 45 minutes. 

    Crazy right? Right now you should be wondering why it is you have never heard of the Juno, Why the Juno isn't the one owning 70% of the vaping market. It has a far superior product, how could it be that Juul is leading the market?

   Through the years Juno has only marketed responsibly, Simple word of mouth and in shop advertising. Juno has not sold their sole to every convience store with a dollar. Or every kid online with their parents credit card. Juno is only sold in Vape Shops who have a strict age requirement guideline.

   So with simple addition, we could easily figure out the reason for the youth vaping epidemic, the school yards are not littered with Juno pods, Vape Juice bottles, burn't out coils from the smok baby prince. No it is littered with Juul pods that are sold in every gas and grocery station across the country. Juul has built an empire off of a simple glitch in the system, finding the easiest route to put their products in the hands of people with limited options.  

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