Full Review on the Valyrian by Uwell

Atomizer Sub Ohm Uwell Valyrian

First off I have been using the Smok TFV 12 Cloud Beast for a while before this so I will often refer to it as my base. These are also unbiased opinions of mine that I thought many others may gain the useful insight from.

Unpacking the Uwell Valyrian Tank gave the idea of a quality product, in comes in a tube that splits in the middle. The top half is the atomizer it’s self nicely displayed almost floating in the center. Hidden below the floor is the guide, some loose spare seals, replacement glass, spare coil and a replacement ring and tip(each atomizer comes with 2 color variation tip combination for extra customization.

I of course disassembled the Uwell Valyrian first for 2 reasons, one to check the ease for future reference, the second to make sure everything was snug and secure to prevent leakage. From the factory this thing was tight, I was almost worried I was going to break it at a few points. Compared to the Smok it felt like a more precision design. The parts fit together snugly with no looseness. Fine twist points, even the bottom airflow port have a smooth and quality twist too it.

Once everything was secure and back together it was time to fill, based on the directions it optimal to let it sit filled for 8 minutes to prevent the cool burning. Unlike the Smok’s twist style open and fill top the Valyrian has a convenient push button style flip up lid.Valyrian push button lid

It makes opening while driving or in the dark much easier than trying to twist every way possible until you find the right spot, my fellow Smok users will understand.

The lid has 2 convenient fill ports on either side. The Uwell Valyrian has a nice 5ml tank to hold juice. The lid also sits far enough back to not interfere with filling. The lid has a nice rubber seal to prevent leaking from being turned over. I have filled this tank to the max, carried it in my pocket and tossed it around without a leak.Valyrian fill portsThe overall smoothness of the hit is amazing. I have been thoroughly impressed with the flavor quality as well as the feel. After 2 days of running extra sweet juice (I am also a heavy vaper) the  Uwell Valyrian still tastes the same as it did when I first hit it. While by this time with the Smok I would have a good burning taste as well a heavy black build up on the inside of the coils. The Valyrian still looks great.

The Valyrian coils run about the same price from everywhere I can tell as the Smok and it appears I will get at least a few more days out of it. Over all the price of the 2 are about the same but now have used both I would choose the Valyrian by Uwell everytime. The absolute feel, the quality precision put into this product will make the $40 spent on it seem like an absolute steal!


Hope you enjoyed the read and I plan to bring you many more of my personal recommendations in the future!


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  • Mary Godwin on

    U guys are doing an awesome job!! Ordered my vape juice an supplies an had them in hand within 2 days!! I am thoroughly impressed. Thank u for doing such a great job!!

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